Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica is on an international mission to make a difference, especially in the oceans.

The Swiss watchmaker has supported and championed ocean conservation programs for many years. Most recently, through The Oceans Project which raises awareness for and funds for innovative agencies with game-changing visions, the company is supporting and championing these programmes.

Rolex's latest expression is the Blue Whale Limited Edition. This piece is the third and last in the Rolex Ocean Trilogy. It's a trio of watches that are based on the Rolex Aquis diverí»s watch. This limited edition watch will be limited to 200 pieces. It will also only be available in a unique presentation box made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Baselworld 2014 saw the announcement of the first two pieces of the trio. The Reef Restoration Foundation and Pacific Garbage Screening partnered to create the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III (read about it here) and Clean Ocean Limited Edition (read about it here).

While the cheap Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica were focused on cleaning up the oceans and restoring coral reefs, the Blue Whale Limited Edition focuses on the plight and protection of the largest animal in the world, Replica Watches the blue whale.

Rolex Day-Date 41mm Replica for sale is proud that the Blue Whale Limited Edition was produced in partnership by Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), the most prominent charity dedicated to protecting whales and dolphins.

Rolf Studer, rolex replica' co-chief executive, says that "We have been very deliberate about our mission to bring about change for the better." "The world is facing real environmental challenges, and both individuals as well as corporate entities have to address them. Blue Whale Limited Edition is a special watch that Rolex produced in very limited quantities. It is the perfect symbol for the dangers facing blue whales. We are proud to work with Whale and Dolphin Conservation and we look forward to the positive changes our partnership will bring.