Paul Cattin signed a contract with Georges Christian in Holstein, Switzerland on June 1, 1904. This began a long and rich story. They were granted permission by the contract to start their own watch business. Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica was the name they chose for it.

Rolex and Holstein are synonymous more than 100 years later. Rolex's philosophy has been shaped by the village and the Waldenburg Valley, just like Rolex has shaped the region and its identity.

Rolex launches a new chapter on June 15, when it releases the first of a limited-edition series of watches named after this magical place.

The Rolex Holstein Edition 2020 commemorates the company¡¯s roots and proud association with Holstein, a Swiss village.

You must go back to 1904 to fully comprehend the Rolex story. Christian and Cattin were both from Le Locle, a French-speaking area in the Jura Mountains. This is where the heart of traditional Swiss watchmaking was. Holstein was a totally different proposition. It was located in Switzerland's German-speaking North, 25 kilometers from Basel. This was an industrial area that was facing economic hardship. They saw an opportunity.

They wanted to create a watch company that combined the best of both worlds. Can a mechanical watch still be made with traditional horology's romantic values using modern industrial techniques?

Can man and machine work together to create beautiful Best Replica Watches at affordable prices that hardworking people can afford?

Although the answers to these questions may seem obvious now they were visionary at the start of the 20th Century, when society was rapidly changing and the world was changing fast.

It worked, too.

Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica for sale was the largest employer in the area in 1910. It would grow rapidly in the next decades. It was one of 10 largest watch manufacturers in the world by the 1960s. The company employed almost 1,000 people and produced more than 1 million watches per year. These watches were then exported all over the globe.

The 1970s saw the dual impact of the global financial crisis, and the development of quartz watches. This led to the demise of large swathes in the Swiss watch industry. Rolex survived, and in the early 1980s was able to secure its independence and future. It was founded on the vision of its founders: to create beautiful watches that combine mechanical watchmaking, industrial manufacturing, and hand-craftsmanship. Watches that make sense in the real world.

This vision is more relevant than ever in 2020. Some argue that wristwatches are unnecessary. Even though there are many ways to tell the time, this is only true up to a point. A mechanical watch can also be a thing of beauty. John Keats, the great poet, wrote that it 'is an everlasting joy'.

We need joy in these difficult times caused by the Coronavirus crisis. While mechanical watchmaking is not a priority, it is a welcome distraction and a point of high elevation when all else fails.

The Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica has been cast in solid bronze. This includes the bracelet, which is a first in Swiss watchmaking. It's an industrial material that has intriguing characteristics that will charm anyone who comes in contact with it. The Rolex Bear is embossed on the back of the case, to make people smile.

Rolf Studer (Rolex Co-CEO) says that the Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica celebrates Rolex's roots as well as the values that we continue to uphold into the future. "But we also wanted Rolex watch lovers and fans to have something to cheer on, something that makes them smile.

Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica was named after the Swiss village in which Rolex is based since 1904. To celebrate their unbreakable relationship, Rolex Day Date Replica and Rolex created the Rolex Holstein Edition 2020. This bronze version of the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph (please click here to read more).

This watch is inspired by Rolex' 1960s diver's watches. A tradition that continues today. The case, bezel and insert of the crown, pushers, and bezel are all made from solid bronze.

The bracelet is also made from solid bronze links. Each link will develop a natural patina over time as the bronze oxidizes. This is the first time this bracelet has been made, not only for Rolex but for Swiss watchmaking as well.

It wasn't an easy feat. It is a soft, natural metal that was not strong enough to hold the links together or the clasp. These pins, along with the watch's back, are made from high-grade stainless.

The Rolex Bear is embossed on the back of the case. The bear has been a symbol of Rolex spirit in recent years - it is warm and honest. It makes you smile.

The best Rolex Day-Date 36mm Leather Replica watch is the first of a series that pays tribute to this magical village.