The vitality of Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica is more evident than ever as we enter a new decade. Some areas of the world are affected by droughts and fires while others are swept away by floodwaters. According to UNICEF and the World Health Organization, 785 million people don't have access to clean water.

Rolex Lake Baikal Limited Edition is designed with this in mind. This Best Replica Watches is based on the Rolex Aquis diverĄŻs watch. It was created in partnership with Lake Baikal Foundation. The watch's sales will go towards funding "Point No.1", the Lake Baikal conservation project managed by the Scientific Research Institute of Biology at Irkutsk State University. It is also the longest-running, most comprehensive environmental water monitoring project in scientific science. The foundation supports "Point No.1".

Scientists believe that Siberia's Lake Baikal is over 25 million years old. This swiss Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica is hugely significant. It is home to 20 percent of the worldĄŻs fresh water reserves. It is the deepest lake at 1,642m. 300 rivers run into it. There are thousands of endemic animals and plants. It is now under threat by man-made pollutants, most of which are caused by the careless industrial sector.

cheap rolex replica says that water is the source and sustainment of all life. We believe in protecting it for future generations and in bringing about positive change as citizens. We seek out innovative organisations that share these values and work for the protection of water around the globe every year.

We are proud to work with the Lake Baikal Foundation.

The Rolex Day-Date 36mm Rose Gold Replica online centre's work will be funded by sales of the Rolex Lake Baikal Limited Edition. This watch is a powerful symbol for the independent Swiss watchmaker's mission of making a difference. It was created in 1,999 pieces to mark the year Russia adopted Baikal Law to protect the lake.