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franck muller replica watches created a new watch that has a mischievous display similar to the Temps Suspendu. The new L'heure maske, or Masked Hours in English, comes with an original, quirky and charming complication. The hour hand is hidden behind the minute and only visible on request. The hours of the second time zone, which were hidden behind "GMT" inscriptions are also revealed in a small aperture on the dial. franck muller replica watches' Dressage collection has a new, innovative timepiece that is based on the self-winding mechanical CalibreH1925. franck muller replica watches Dressage L'heure Masque will be available in limited editions. The steel-housed version will be made in 1000 copies at a price of $19500. While the lavisher red gold version costs $44,000.

The Hours are Unmasked By a PusherFollowing the footsteps of its award winning predecessor, franck muller replica watches has once again struck a chord by presenting an incredibly innovative complication which gives that special touch to the watch. The hour hand is hidden behind the minute hands that slowly rotate around the dial in normal mode. The clever mechanism is activated by pressing the integrated pusher in the crown. A cam then releases the hour hand,franck muller replica watches which takes its proper place on the dial. The dual time zone can also be seen through an aperture located at six o'clock. The wearer can set the second time zone, which does not have to be GMT, using a pushbutton on the case band opposite the crown.

Silver Opaline Dial & cushion-shaped housingThe complication, which is in a sense a reversed model of the one used for Temps Suspendu is displayed on a distinguished silver opaline with Arabic numerals and encircled Arabic numbers which are placed slightly lower than the rest on the flange. A lowered central segment adorned with a vertical motif enhances the appearance of depth. The silver dial is also equipped with a triangular diamond polished hour mark that indicates the hours in the second time zone.

franck muller replica watches Dressage l'heure masque is housed in a smaller cushion-shaped housing.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The case is 38.4mm wide and 40.5mm long. It has a distinctively curved lug shape. The sapphire crystal on the front of the case is anti-reflective. Using the same material, the transparent back of the case is also waterproof to 50 meters. franck muller replica watches has chosen a matte brown Havana Alligator strap that is secured with a safety folding buckle.

The Caliber H1925, which is 28 jewels and allows the watch to function, measures 25 mm in width and 3.7mm in thickness. The automatic winding mechanism has a power reserve of up to 45 hours and its regulating organ is regulated at 4 Hz. The original complication mechanism is wider than the actual movement, with a diameter of 32.5". The construction of the movement includes 18 jewels, 95 parts and satin-brushed bridges. The movement is decorated with circular-graining, snailing, and satin-brushed bridges. It also has a winding rotor that bears the special brand decoration motif, which is the letter "H".

There are two versions available and the price of each is different. The stainless steel version has alternatively used references numbers 040634WW00 or DR5.810.220/MHA, and includes black gold numerals and hand. The 5N 750 Red Gold version is more than twice as valuable and has 4 N gilded components on the face. The use of noble materials is the main reason for its high price. The case of the watch with reference number 040645WW00 & DR.5.870.221/MHA contains 85g of gold and an additional 24.87g is used for the clasp.