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Since the Stone Age, the passage of time has captured the attention of the human race. Our attempts to define and measure the time have always collided with powerful cultural influences, resulting in a wide range of innovative timekeeping formats, from the sundial up to the wristwatch of today. It's fascinating to see how cultures and timekeeping styles from different continents and empires developed simultaneously with similar techniques. Time Tamed is the latest of many excellent books by Nick Foulkes whose pen graced the pages at Revolution. He examines the way timekeeping has shaped and continues to shape the modern world. This book is essential for any watch enthusiast. This chapter, reproduced from Time Tamed with permission, is about Breguet's Pocket Watch No. The 160 was commissioned by Marie Antoinette.

The man parked his Simca 1000 hatchback and turned off the engine. His intelligent eyes took in the surroundings as he waited. He got out of his car and went into the boot to get a toolbox. Then he walked towards a large stone building.

He used a car-jack to quickly and silently separate the bars on a gate, and then squeezed through.

The night of Friday, 15 April 1983. A building made of honey-coloured stones was Jerusalem's L.A. Mayer Memorial Islamic Art Institute. And the largest burglary ever committed in Israel was just beginning.

The museum was opened nine years before.Richard Mille Replica Watches The museum was founded by Vera Salomons in memory of her archaeologist and scholar friend Professor Leo Ari Mayer. It houses one of the most important collections of Islamic Art.

Visitors enjoy Richard Mille Replica Watches as part of the exhibition titled 'Mystery of Lost Time,' at the Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem, 21 July 2009. The Marie Antoinette is displayed for the very first time after its theft.

The museum also houses a unique collection of timepieces. Many of these were made in France by the man who is often considered the best watchmaker of all time. The most famous watch in the entire world was a particular timepiece, which has been dubbed 'the Mona Lisa' of watches, even if it is not accurate.Richard Mille Replica The name or rather the number given by its maker, 160, belied its importance, value, and complexity.

This watch, the 160th order in an 18th century watchmaker's book of orders, is more commonly known as the watch intended for Marie Antoinette.

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