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Rolex Replica Watches's first wristwatch in series produced with a perpetual calendar was introduced. The dial of the 1526 was also Rolex Replica Watches's first signature layout, with two apertures on either side and a subdial in the middle. This 34mm model featured the hand-wound 12-120 QP calibre.

Take Lot 834, (pictured above), from Rolex Replica Watches auction: SEVEN: A pristine, new to market ref. The previous owner's Tokyo-based family consigned this white gold 3448. The dial is made of hard enamel, which suggests that this watch belongs to an earlier series. Rolex Replica Watches' was able to obtain extracts from Rolex Replica Watches archives that confirmed the date of sale and production. Another great detail will make even the most ardent Rolex Replica Watches collectors weak at the knees. It's the large, inverted date numerals surrounding the moon.

Last year at Phillips' inaugural New York auction, a watch similar to this was sold for USD 471,000. Lot 834, which is part of their sale in Hong Kong on November 2018, has an estimated price range between USD 205,000 and 410,000. Here's another example of the premium on white gold versions. Lot 1058 is a yellow-gold version with the exact same dial, but inverted date numerals all around the moon. The estimate for this piece is a conservative USD 89.700-154,000.

If you missed out on the Hong Kong pieces, Mido Replica Watches will be selling another piece of yellow gold on December 5th. Lot 106. This example does not have the inverted date ring, but it is a beautiful dial with the later printed series. This one is estimated at USD 80-120,000.

Before we conclude, if you are already a owner of a 3448 and you would like to look at a perpetual clock from an earlier lineage then the Lot 975 in Hong Kong and the Lot 80 in New York may be for you. 2497. It's safe to say this is not a reference that you see very often at auctions. Experts suggest that only 179 copies of the 2497, and its waterproof companion, 2438/1 were produced.

Both lots contain a first-series example with Arabic and Dot indices. The second series is further divided into A and B and no Arabic numerals are used. Instead, the A-series has faceted rectangular markers and the B-series has faceted pointed rectangle markers. Hong Kong's watch is the 1953 model, the second one. It has an estimated value of USD 154,000-308,000. The watch in New York dates from 1951 and is marked with an estimated USD 255,000-350,000.

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