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Rolex Datejust Replica Watches

Rolex's early Daytonas with pump-pushers were an anomaly, since they did not have the "Oyster badge". Rolex, ever the innovator, fitted the Daytona pushers with screw-down elements in 1965 to prevent the buttons from activating when submerged. The word Oyster then took pride of place on the dials of these new Daytonas.

The first screw-pusher Rolex Datejust Replica Watches was the model 6263. It comes with a three-color black dial featuring the Paul Newman logo. These are typically found in batches 2.085 and 2.197 of the 6263s. The dials of the 6262 and 62264 are identical,Rolex Datejust Replica Watches including flat printing the "T Swiss T " mark at the base. However, the word "Oyster", which was added later to these dials is different. This is why the word Oyster is in a non-serif typeface, which does not match the serif typeface on the rest the dial.

Close crop of the Rolex-Cosmograph-Oyster lettering, where the word 'Oyster' is printed in a vastly different sans-serif font.

The acronym RCO is used to describe these dials. These dials are called "Oyster sotto", or "Oyster below" by the Italians, who love to give sobriquets.

What relevance does this have? Are the critics right? Phillips held an auction of stainless steel chronographs last year in Geneva. One such RCO was sold for a whopping CHF 1,985,000. I'm sure the buyer has no doubts about the importance of this object in the context 20th century art.

The record-setting RCO dial ref. The RCO dial ref. 6263 sold at Phillips Watches recent Start-Stop Reset auction

Singer created the two-color Panda dial for Rolex exclusively for screw-pusher models watches. Singer's design brief was to maintain the unique graphic design,Patek Philippe Replica Watches but make it more legible and less busy. It is one of most beautiful dials ever seen on a wristwatch. The basic design iconography from the exotic dial was injected with zen reductionism. This is the only Paul Newman watch dial where Rolex, Oyster and Cosmograph are displayed in this order. This two-color Panda dial is found on the vast majority of screw pusher Rolex Datejust Replica Watchess. The dials are divided into Mark 1 & Mark 2 dials. The fonts used on each dial are slightly different. The typical Panda Newman dials Mark 1 and 2 were found in the standard production ranges for both ref. The serial numbers of the 6265s and 6263s were up to 3m. The 6263 Mark 1 is currently selling at a premium.

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