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A Message from our CEO ( April 2021 )

Following an extremely mild period of weather here in Burgundy in February and March, it was deeply unfortunate to be hit by such severe frosts in early April. Quite a number of vineyards with which we work had not fully budded, so it remains to be seen quite what impact this frost will have on final yields. We will keep a close eye on this in the forthcoming weeks as hopefully the growing season can get underway.

The last twelve months have been exceptionally challenging from a business standpoint, with so many parts of the restaurant, hotel and bar sectors closed in the different countries with which we work. This has affected so many people, in such a severe way, that we are mindful, always, of keeping a sense of perspective on things. We are winemakers and proud to be so. Yes, we face commercial and meteorological challenges, but in comparison to what millions of people around the world have had to face over the last year, such challenges are simple indeed.

We are immensely grateful to all of our commercial partners and private clients for their support over the last year, and we are greatly excited at the prospect of markets opening up again and, hopefully, returning to some degree of normality. In the meantime, all good wishes from Fiona and I, and all the team here at Mischief and Mayhem, and we look forward to an exciting 2021.

Michael L. Ragg - CEO Mischief and Mayhem

A Message from our CEO ( March 2020 )

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to all of our customers, partners and friends at this exceptionally difficult and challenging time. Here in France, and throughout Europe and the world, the spread of the Coronavirus     ( COVID-19 ), and the rapidity and devastation of this spread, have impacted humankind in a way that would have seemed unimaginable just a few short weeks ago.

At such a time, it seems almost banal to think of business and commercial activity. However, I feel it appropriate, indeed especially appropriate at this time, to reassure all of our customers and commercial partners that our team here in Burgundy are doing everything possible to work forward and find a way through this unprecedented time of challenge.

For our UK customers, isolating at home, I can confirm that we are still able, at least at the current time, to deliver our wines directly to your door. For our commercial partners around the world, I can confirm that we are making every effort possible to ensure that we are here for you as and when conditions change enough to allow a return to normality. This especially applies to our importers in many countries where the bar and restuaurant sectors have been closed down. At some point, this will change and we will be here to support you when it does.

My sincere thanks to all of our customers, to our commercial partners, our importers and our co-workers here in Burgundy. Stay safe, keep well and together we will get through this.

Michael L. Ragg - CEO Mischief and Mayhem

Shipping update (June 2019)

Shipping: we have two shipments coming over to the UK at the moment.The first one to land includes much-needed stocks of Rosé, our new Pernand-Vergelesses and the new vintages of our Bourgogne Pinot Noir and Bourgogne Chardonnay.  Fans of previous vintages of these two will be very pleased with the 2017 vintage.  We carry good stocks of the range at our facility at Vinothèque and these can be delivered promptly throughout the UK.  Do let us know if you would like a current list of UK stock – we will let you know when these stocks land.

Domaine update (May 2019)

This is a very, very busy time of year for us, and a very satisfying one.  The 2018 vintage, a year that we are very pleased with, is now all safely in the cellar.  The 2017s are now all in bottle, and the buds of the 2019 vintage have now broken.  Driving through the vineyards there is a definite feeling of new life, of energy.  That said, we do still have the fear of frost, despite it being close to June.

April 5th this year saw the temps plummet to -4c in some villages but only 0c in Aloxe. A few pockets of vines were affected along the Côte but generally nothing to worry about as the communes had leapt into action with preventative measures. Bougies, straw bales and the expensive wind machines arrived in various vineyards for all of us to use.  By 3am the whole of the Côte was seemingly lit up by candle light and white vans were littered across the roads full of farmers keeping a protective eye on the precious vines.  The threat should have abated by now, though Fiona is still getting requests for meetings at four in the morning about whether or not to go ahead with more candle-lighting, hay bale lighting or windmill operations.

New team member (March 2019)

In March we were delighted to have Joss Fowler join the team.  We have known Joss for years – since our Berry Bros & Rudd days – and he has followed our wines from the start.  Joss has been buying, selling and writing about wine for twenty years now, and will be delighted to help with orders, queries – anything wine or Mischief and Mayhem related.  He is based in the UK and can be contacted at

Portfolio tasting (February 2019)

In February we tasted through the entire Mischief and Mayhem portfolio – some sixty wines.  Whilst we do open bottles on a daily basis - either for ourselves or for the Cellar Door - the opportunity to taste everything side by side was fascinating.  What was perhaps most interesting was the character of each vintage, and how each year adds something different to each wine.

The 2017s, the last of which we bottled in April, are simply lovely.  This could be out best vintage to date.  The 2016 whites, some stocks of which are still available, are drinking beautifully now, as are the 2014 reds.  2014 is a vintage where many commentators raved about the whites but we think that they missed a trick: the reds are simply fantastic, complete, fresh and inimitably Burgundian wines. 

Our new wines also shone.  The 2017 Pernand-Vergelesses, from a plot in the beautifully-named vineyards of “Sous le Bois de Noel et Belles Filles” is a dangerously more-ish baby Corton-Charlemagne and our 2017 Aligoté is a delightfully precise, fresh and clean white that will be perfect for the summer.  The 2017 Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly are both cracking, though the 2016s of these wines, our first vintage of them, are really superb now.